Hi! Welcome to my website.

My name is Daniel Sáenz, I'm a graphic designer & programmer with experience in web design, advertising and motion graphics.

This is my portfolio, to navigate it use the menu on the top or just scroll. Its as easy as that!

So make yourself at home and enjoy. I hope you like it here.


Web and apps is what I love to do the most. Here is a sample of my most recent work on those fields.


As Digital Art Director for Y&R Bogotá I worked in a lot of awesome projects in advertising, here are some of them. you can click on the boxes below the video to see more. Believe me, there is some really cool stuff to watch.


Digital Creative · Web Design · App Programming


Yes, I do illustration too!

About me

I usually don't talk about me but when I do...

I am a graphic designer with a creative spirit and studies in psychology with more than 10 years of experiencie on web design, app development, advertising and editorial design. I've worked for Y&R Colombia, Awesome Web Marketing in the US and as freelance for several insitutions including the national government of Colombia.

In that time I came to win several awards, like these:

  • Cannes Gold Lion, Direct, 2014 (FIFA 14 - Microsoft)
  • El Dorado Silver, Promo & Activation, 2013 (Space Mission - El Corral)
  • Cannes Bronze Lion, Branded Content & Entertainment, 2014 (FIFA 14 - Microsoft)
  • Ojo de Iberoamérica Bronze, Cine/TV, 2013 (FIFA 14 - Microsoft)
  • Ojo de Iberoamérica Bronze, Mobile, 2013 (VibeTunes - Salvi Foundation)
  • Ojo de Iberoamérica Bronze, Interactive, 2013 (Space Mission - El Corral)
  • El Dorado Silver Bronze, Media, 2013 (Chihuahua - Salvi Foundation)
  • D&AD InBook, TV & Cinema Advertising, 2014 (FIFA 14)


I also have a Movies Blog in spanish with a podcast named El Proyector because yeah, I love movies!!

So chances are you liked what you saw so it's time to get in touch. You can write me directly to contact@danielsaenz.com or you can use any of the social networks below to contact me.

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